Fahren ohne Fahrradhelm

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Wie der Bundesgerichtshof mit Urteil vom heutigen Tag entschied, führt das Fahren eines Fahrrads ohne Fahrradhelm nicht automatisch zu einer Mitschuld.
"Für Radfahrer ist das Tragen eines Schutzhelms nicht vorgeschrieben. Zwar kann einem Geschädigten auch ohne einen Verstoß gegen Vorschriften haftungsrechtlich ein Mitverschulden anzulasten sein, wenn er diejenige Sorgfalt außer acht lässt, die ein ordentlicher und verständiger Mensch zur Vermeidung eigenen Schadens anzuwenden pflegt. Dies wäre hier zu bejahen, wenn das Tragen von Schutzhelmen zur Unfallzeit nach allgemeinem Verkehrsbewusstsein zum eigenen Schutz erforderlich und zumutbar gewesen wäre. Ein solches Verkehrsbewusstsein hat es jedoch zum Zeitpunkt des Unfalls der Klägerin noch nicht gegeben. So trugen nach repräsentativen Verkehrsbeobachtungen der Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen im Jahr 2011 innerorts nur elf Prozent der Fahrradfahrer einen Schutzhelm. Inwieweit in Fällen sportlicher Betätigung des Radfahrers das Nichttragen eines Schutzhelms ein Mitverschulden begründen kann, war nicht zu entscheiden."

Urteil vom 17. Juni 2014 - VI ZR 281/13
Quelle: Pressemitteilung des BGH vom 17.06.2014, Nr. 95/2014


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If you have difficulty sleeping, it may be a symptom of sleep apnea. Lots of people deal with this condition every day, and it is often a problem that is quite unpleasant to manage. But the good news is that there are effective treatments out there. Read this article to learn some basic information about recognizing and treating sleep apnea.

To help with your sleep apnea, you need to consult with your doctor about the best CPAP machine to use. Take into consideration both the noise and size of the CPAP machine. Some machines are smaller than a bread box and can be whisper quiet. Your doctor should be able to point you in the right direction of a capable machine.

Consider doing a few very specific exercises before going to bed each night, to alleviate some of your sleep apnea symptoms. Exercising throat and tongue muscles has been proven in scientific studies to reduce snoring, improve breathing and lessen the more profound effects of sleep apnea when done according to doctor's orders.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, it is vital to avoid consuming alcohol before bedtime. Alcohol acts as a sedative, therefore, it will naturally slow down your breathing. In addition, it will relax all the muscles in your body, including those in your throat that help to keep your airway open.

People who do not have a partner sleeping with them may not know they suffer from sleep apnea. If you wake up with a dry or sore mouth, wake up out of breath, have morning headaches, insomnia, and/or go to the bathroom frequently during the night, you may have sleep apnea and should talk to a doctor.

Try your best to maintain a regular sleeping schedule. When your body gets into a customary sleeping cycle, you will find yourself getting a better night's sleep, and you will also be more relaxed. Several studies have shown that apnea episodes decrease when a person is not sleep deprived or stressed out.

Sleep apnea does not go away on its own; patients need treatment. Some treatments work better for different people. If you lose weight you will help your sleep apnea, but this is not always the cause. CPAP machines are considered non-invasive, and many people use them successfully. Others prefer surgery to relieve their sleep apnea. Choose whichever method you think will work for you so you may begin to live a happy and comfortable life.

The most important aspect of dealing with sleep apnea is understanding exactly what it is. Unlike simple snoring, it is when a sleeper stop's breathing for a short period of time while he is sleeping. If your sleep partner tells you that sometimes you stop breathing, there is a good chance you have apnea.

Minimize your risk from the conditions causing sleep apnea. Some sleep apnea risk factors cannot be changed, like genetic or hereditary reasons. But others, such as weight smoking and drinking, can be controlled.

If you are concerned that you may suffer from sleep apnea, it is important to be diagnosed right away. This way, you can start getting the treatment you need as quickly as possible. The advice you have read in this article can help you find the relief you need from this troublesome condition.

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